Overdraft squalor, office rage, and antiphilosophy.

Hello people from the outerwebs. Welcome to this part of the web.
Been terribly uncreative this summer.
I suppose the latest fun thing I've been part of was this video (Eddie's custom painted guitar!)

Pretty hyped about that. Here's some more pics for your feasting on Facebook.

The story is, we never leave high school. 
To me, that's both, the scariest and most exciting thing ever.
Most of it was spent in an art/music studio anyway...

Which is way this game is super cool, because it's about a company you run, that makes apps! 

5/5. If only there was more incentive after getting past Level 5 and building a golden monument of yourself in NYC, but hey, now I'm training my teams to be Lords of App. What is beyond an Alchemy machine that produces 15 gold bars a day?

This is also another lovely little game I have come across ACE ATTORNEY! Because I like the idea of being a lawyer. LULz. 

Gaming is such a strange thing. I don't normally game. It's a good thing I don't anyway, but I can see how people can get sucked into these things, like blackholes or bars with a live samba band playing or a paying for the experience where you open a safe to get out.  

But now, for the enlightening stuff.

This is google maps under the sea, and where I one day, hope to get married. LULz.

So since I'm in Scotland, I thought I might comment a little on the upcoming referendum.
One thing is for sure, I've lost friends over it. Be it over the idea that I might actually be in the wrong place as a 'foreigner'. I giggle, only because I believe that one vote for some who's globally homeless speaks for itself in terms of voting on a planet of people. Beyond the vote, I'm off to travel to other places with names and borders. 

After all, home is in the moment of interaction you have with other people, and not an actual place. 

That is, I suppose, enlightening to me. That and governing this tête petit premièrement!


There's so many more things happening out there in the world, but I thought I wouldn't think about it. 
Bring on the antiphilosophy Wittgenstein! 

Also, you should know, I'm changing my name to Yuria Lee-Su bin Noor de la Sanchez. 



La Rose


Developing some ideas. With a gun on the way.

APB x ✍

Shamanik Collab

Latest work, part III

'Shaman inna Babylon'
APBO90 + Shamanik 2013-2014
102 cm x 72 cm

Harry Slater of Shamanik work (left), and our collab (right).

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Experimentation: Animation

Made my first experiment animation with my wacom tablet, bamboo animator. Yay!

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Money is Material.

Mark Wagner - Money is Material from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

This has blown my mind contextually and as far as technique goes, surgical styles of art are fascinating.
Check out more of Mark Wager's work.

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Pat's Guitar

Painting Pat's guitar (in progress).

My side.

His side.
 Really just went with the flow on this one. Been at it for a while, but it's getting there.

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Eddie's Guitar

So it all started when I stayed up all night with my favourite Glaswegian band, Sergio Sergio after they played a kickass gig at The Box and I got the gig to do Sergio Sergio Guitarist's body - guitar body, of course.
It started February 2013...


 And finally, after many life changing events, Eddie's guitar is almost done... however unstrung. Badoom tshh.

This is a promo video of them and Chris, aka Tank, the man with the keys, talking baws about the band. Love these weegies and love their funky music. Check out their soundcloud just below the video!

Also available on iTunes and for rent on Facebook.
Their next gig will be at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on the 21st of December. Go.

Music, art and love.

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Cyber Mirror.

Indian ink and pencil drawings mirrored and processed digital effects. 

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No video this time for Day 2.
Started to work on the scapes of sky, land and sea and also worked on the Buddha with chalk.
Hopefully will get more done and finished before having to move. (Click here for the Day 1 Time Lapse video)

Tao Te Ching Buddha // apbo90 x P. Cairns // Day 2

Tao Te Ching Buddha
// apbo90 x P. Cairns //
Day 2
Mr. Cairns working on that sky and swirly clouds.

Myself working with chalk on the Buddha

Mr. Cairns' side of the mural.

During the time in between, I've been working on this...

Ohm Mandala.

Pencil lines

Day I 
Day II

 Took a while, but it's all very therapeutic. I recommend this for the patient.

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DAY 1 // apbo90 x patrickcairns // 'tao te ching'
Day 1 Time Lapse video to be found on my YouTube channel later today (01:59, 03/05/13).

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I really want a dog.

Tenement Flat Viewings of Glasgow

King's Park

'BJ 7' number plate humour
Hitting the vintage-store


"...there are either isolated objects or
physical void" - Phenomenology by
Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Somewhere in Glasgow

"...freedom", such a dangerous word.

Trongate 103

Prints by Calum Mackenzie
@ Trongate 103

Glasgow Urban decay

I think I found a place to go...?

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